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1w 100ml Salon Turbo Type Water Based Air Purifier With Fragrance
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Product: Views:191w 100ml Salon Turbo Type Water Based Air Purifier With Fragrance 
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1w 100ml Salon Turbo Type Water based Air Purifier With Fragrance



Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage DC5V
Rated Power: 1W
Motor Speed 1700rpm
Area Covered: 12m²
Dimensions 90*88*85mm
Capacity 100ml



Product introduction

According to the principle of turbo type structural design , the delicately designed wind wheel , as driven by engine at high speed , can throw off the water evenly from all directions in 360 degrees , so that the dust , smell of cigarettes , bad smell and bacteria will be indrawn into water for decomposition or precipitation . Meanwhile , due to the rapid collision between water molecules and the wall of the bottle , artificial waterfall can be made so as to generate negative ions . Drip several drops of natural essential oil and perfume into the water to produce natural aroma so as to make the purified air wet , fragrant , refreshing and clean. Moreover , the air will become more nutritional .

Application : PC(USB device) , office , bedroom , hotel , etc .


Safety Precautions & Maintenance :

1, Always unplug the unit before removing the lid or when the equipment is not in use . Do not allow children to use it as a toy .

2, Do not immerse the lid into water or wash under a running tap , as this will damage the motor . Use only a damp cloth or sponge to clean .

3, Do not overfill the water bowl . Always keep the water level between the maximum and minimum lines/ridges

4, Change the water everyday to enjoy a fresh clean air in your car or home .

5, Do not place the unit on the mental shell devices .

6, Switch off or unplug the unit when it is not in use for a long time .


Instructions of use :

1. Bottle opening : Rotate the bottle according the arrow symbol and get out the bottle .

2. Water Pouring: Pour the water under the Max water line and mix the fragrance .

3. Bottle Installing:Install the bottle with water under the Covering and rotate against the direction of arrow symbol .

4,Power :
For Computer: USB connecting line ;

For Hom : USB connecting line + USB Hom adaptor ;

For Car : USB connecting line + USB car adaptor ;


Features & Functions :

1.Water-waved Effects: Whirlpool dissolution, Translucent ; 

2.Brand Effect: Expanding of Brand space and activity ;

3.Hidden switch: Easy control the power by pressing the top cover gently ;

4.Night light: As its soft light at night , for household decoration ;

5.Silent design: Running almost noiseless ;

6.Gasification principle:Trace humidification , Non-Mist , Non-white powder

7.Low cost: Just use tap water . It is better to use distilled water to get a better fresh air ;

8.Low power consumption: only 1 watts (Energy conservation) ;

9.Space-saving: Easy to put, because it is as big as an apple ;

10.Wide application: Used for Office,USB Device , Home,Car , The hotel,Beauty salon ,

etc .

11.Multi-functions: a),Aroma diffuser: Add an essential oil in the water if you like. b),Purification: Air will be purified through water c),Negative ions: Water molecules hit the sidewall of bottle to produce natural negative ions d),Trace humidification: Non-Mist, Non-white powder. e),Sterilization: Drip sterilizing or disinfecting liquid into the water to make the water healthier. f),Mosquito eradication: It can drive away insects by adding insect repellent;


Rated Voltage DC5V Rated Power 1W Technical
Motor Speed 1700rpm Area Covered 12m²
Dimensions 90*88*85mm Capacity 100ml


box size



carton size

38*37*8.5cm Packaging
PC/Carton 48PCS G.W./Carton 11.0KG
20FT: Qty 25920pcs 40 FT: Qty 51840pcs
Advantages Functions Purification aroma diffuser Night light Switch Waterfall
airbus Hidden switch
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1.Night light: As its soft light at night, for household decoration.
2.Hidden switch: Easy control the power by pressing the top cover gently
3.Trace humidification: Non-Mist, Non-white powder

4.Water-waved Effects




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